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Kosie is an independent financial advisor with 18 years of experience in financial planning and providing financial advice. He originally started his career in Worcester in 1996 at a local newspaper in the Media 24-Group (ex formerly Naspers). After a 7- year stint as a junior account clerk, he relocated to Cape Town to finish his B Com Degree in Financial Planning. There met his current business partner, Johann de Clerk and in 2003 he started his career as an independent financial advisor, having practised ever since. Kosie is also a senior partner at Adfinity Financial Services together with Gawie Minnaar who has joined Adfinity Financial Services in 2012.

Kosie has an avid interest in people and his core belief is that financial education is key to financial freedom. Therefore, guiding the client is a crucial part of his financial planning strategy.
Kosie strongly believes in working in partnership with his clients in order to identify and attain their financial goals, thereby enabling them to live a well-balanced lifestyle.  He greatly enjoys explaining and educating clients in their financial affairs, with the aim of helping them understand it better and eventually becoming financially independent.  

Kosie is a very talented and competitive golf player and is currently a member of the WP Disabled Golf Team. He is currently one of the top 5 Deaf Golf Players in the country.  In his spare time, he is an avid art movie fan and collector and also does a lot of research on this topic.  He also loves writing poetry and engaging in philanthropic work. 

Kosie is an experienced financial advisor. He holds the following qualifications and accreditations:

  • B Com Degree in Financial Planning

  • Member of the FIA (Financial Intermediary Association).

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