• Deidre Wessels

Economic and Market Overview | December 2021

Updated: Jan 14

Download the December 2021 Economic and Market Overview


The 26th United Nations Climate Change Congress of the Parties (COP26) has focused the world’s attention on the initiatives required to slow down global warming. Read more

South Africa

South Africa’s run-up to local elections dominated much of the news flow in October. Voter turn-out was more than 20% lower than during the 2016 municipal elections which reflects South Africans’ increased disillusionment with the ability of politicians to deliver on their electioneering promises. Read more

Market Performance

Global equities again rallied hard in October, posting strong gains across the board This was especially notable in the US where the S&P 500 gained 7% while the MSCI World Index posted a return of 5.7%(both in US dollars). Read more

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